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Classic Pedal Cars for Sale

Re-live your childhood memories with a classic pedal car from Sussex Classics.

Whether for your own indulgence or as a gift to children, grandchildren or even nephews or nieces, an old pedal car from Sussex Classics will provide you with years of long-lasting memories as well as bring back some long-lost ones!

From a bygone era, these traditional automotive toys were made to last for generations. First appearing in the 1890s they were built from scratch by enthusiasts using materials easily to hand. By the turn of the century as their full-size counterparts became playthings of the rich, these ‘one-offs’  became commercially built toys. Initially hand built, these classic pedal cars had wooden frames covered by sheet steel bodies and furnished with trim such as full-size carriage lights, starting cranks, and licence plates.

By the 1930s classic pedal cars had become larger and heavier, with prominent ornamentation such as badges and chrome hubcaps reflecting the decade’s romance with speed.  It wasn’t until the 1970s and the increased use of plastics in manufacturing, that the introduction of plastic pedal car body shells brought about the demise of the old-style, metal pedal cars.

However today, thanks to the passion and dedication of enthusiasts like ourselves, interest in these wonderful old pedal cars has been revived. So, no matter how you describe them;

Vintage pedal cars  –  Veteran pedal cars  –  Classic pedal cars  –  Antique pedal cars  –  Metal pedal cars  –  Children’s pedal cars

... we can assure you that Sussex Classics will be able to provide you with a great example of one!

Therefore if you are interested in acquiring one of these classic, increasingly rare piecies of automotive nostalgia, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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